Paul Mills reviewed in the Amarillo Globe-News

AMARILLO - Though it’s only been in theaters for about a week, Paul Mills figures he’s already seen the new film “October Baby” at least 500 or 600 times. At least parts of it.

No, Mills isn’t an obsessive fan. The Dumas native scored the independently produced, Christian-themed film from co-directors Andrew and Jon Erwin, and watching scenes over and over is just part of the job.

“There’s one scene, when Hannah (played by Rachel Hendrix) walks into a cathedral and has a conversation with a priest there ... that was actually the first thing we scored,” Mills said. “I probably rescored that four or five times before we got it just right.”

The ideal, Mills said, is that the music enhances the emotions conveyed by the rest of the film instead of telegraphing them.

“I had a friend on Facebook who said he didn’t notice (the score), that he had to pay attention to it,” Mills said. “That’s a really good thing. (It’s) really just supposed to be part of the overall vision.

“You have to be careful that you don’t overdo it. ... At certain places, you do want to magnify those emotions. At other times, you want to be subtle and out of the way. It’s hard to walk that line.”

Tim Nicholson